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This is Tenk Tromsø

Tenk Tromsø is a city development project where the aim is to facilitate pedestrian, cycle and public transport traffic to reach the chief aim of zero-growth private car transport.

Tenk Tromsø is a collaboration between the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Troms and Finnmark County Council, Tromsø municipality and the people of Tromsø. Together we will contribute to a forward thinking city with better mobility for all, a city with better air quality and less noise, a city that will see a growing number of everyday travels at the same time as we make sure we have a good city environment for all.

Priority areas

Safer to walk or cycle

We shall build safe routes to school, good pavements, better short-cuts, functional cycle tracks and implement traffic safety measures throughout the urban area - we shall make it simpler and safer to choose footpaths and cycle tracks instead of the car for short trips.

Public transport

We shall build user friendly bus terminals, better bus stops and bus hubs, and we shall implement measures to provide for better traffic flow for the bus. We shall co-finance the city bus programme. Altogether we shall make sure that the bus will be an even more attractive alternative to using the car for travels in the city.

Transport for trade and industry

We shall build roads to improve trade and industry transport in Tromsø. The first stage of this includes upgrading the road stretch Stakkevollvegen – Skattørvegen. We shall improve driving conditions for motorists by moving cyclists and pedestrians to suitable pavements, and through measures to ensure better traffic flow for all traffic groups. By means of our projects, we want to contribute to safer and faster travels by car when it is necessary to use the car.

Combined, all these measures and projects in Tenk Tromsø will provide for better mobility for all while we take care of the environment in our city.

Toll fees

Tenk Tromsø is partially financed by toll fees, and 15 automated toll booths have been established around the city. The toll booths in Tromsø started operating on January 5, 2023.

We recommend that everyone obtains an AutoPASS agreement. A vehicle passing through the toll booths without an agreement must pay the full price for each toll station passed.

How AutoPASS works

On autopass.no, you will find information on how the toll system works in Norway. You will also find information specifically for those with foreign-registered cars.

When you order an AutoPASS agreement, you will receive a transponder that should be placed on the inside of your car's windshield. The transponder ensures that your passages are automatically registered, and that you receive the correct discount.

There are several companies that offer AutoPASS agreements, and you receive the same discount regardless of which company you have an agreement with.

If a vehicle lacks an AutoPASS agreement, the owner of the vehicle will receive an invoice for all toll passages without a discount. The invoice will be sent by Bompengeselskap Nord AS.

If you already have a transponder and a valid AutoPASS agreement, it will also work in Tromsø.

What do I have to pay in toll fees?

Bompengeselskap Nord is responsible for collecting toll fees in Tromsø. Refer to the price table on their website for updated information on pricing (in Norwegian).

Two-way tolling

All toll booths operate with two-way tolling, which means you have to pay toll fees in both directions.


You only pay for one passage per hour, even if you drive through multiple toll booths. The rule applies to all toll booths in both directions, but only for those with a valid AutoPASS agreement.

Monthly cap

You pay a maximum for 80 passages per month. The monthly cap applies for each calendar month and per vehicle. The monthly cap only applies to those with an AutoPASS agreement.

Rush hour tariff

During peak hours, there is a triple tariff. This applies from Monday to Friday between 06:30-09:00 and 15:00-17:00. There is no rush hour surcharge on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and official holidays, including Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and the Wednesday before Easter.

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